World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

I have had, to date, seven nine policies with World Nomads. Luckily I have only had to use my insurance twice (three times, refer to update at the bottom of the age). One claim was Two claims have been granted and one was not – but I’m not bitter.

World Nomads have been fantastic for me – but as ALWAYS with any insurance policy have a look at everything involved and make sure it’s the right policy for you.


Quotes – 10/10

Getting a quote with World Nomads is incredibly easy – you go to the website fill out your details, countries you’re planning to visit and your country of residence and boom you have your options.

You can even get on right here on the page!


Extras – 7/10

Extras, like more extreme activities or named items, does add bit to your quote BUT this is upfront and the list of included activities is extended.

Special Note: like most insurance companies there are requirements with activities – like it has to be legal. This sounds like a duh point but you can slip int, but make SURE you’re legally allowed to drive in that country – just because someone hires you a car or a motorbike DOES NOT MEAN IT’S LEGAL, and in all likelihood no insurance company would pay out on a claim where you were participating in a technically illegal activity – no matter how common the practice.


Ease of Process 10/10

Go to website. Do clicks. Pay. Done. You get the certificate in your email. It can’t be simpler than this. (if it can let me know XD)


Customer Service 10/10

Every time I have had to be in contact with World Nomads it has been met with quick, polite, and genuine response.


Website 8/10

While purchasing and looking at the website it runs perfectly. The only problem I have ever found is when looking at histories and communicating during a claim, the first time you use the messaging system is a bit clunky and takes a bit of working out. Once you know you know. But the messaging system could be smoother.


Bonus Points

The feel good. World Nomads policies have a donation to a selection of charities, minimum of 1$ and you can increase this if you wish. You choose which of the causes you’d like your money to go to.

You can extend and initiate from anywhere in the world. A lot of insurance companies require you to return home to your country of residence before taking up another policy, not ideal for long termers!


My Experiences:

The first claim was the denied one, it was a long shot but I went for it. I missed a flight in Rome because an airport employee told me the wrong gate. Two flights were leaving at the same time for Athens and I took the airline workers word for it that she had looked at the booking correctly. Didn’t find out otherwise until I was at the gate. 200 euros and a 4 hour wait later I was on my way back to Athens. World Nomads helped as much as they could but their stance was –understandably – that I should have checked everything myself. But you don’t get if you don’t ask.

The second claim was successful, in a way. While staying in Paris a fake gest checked into the hostel and broke into everyone’s lockers and stole what they could. I had 100GBP and 50AUD stolen, luckily they left my passports. Other people lost a lot more than I did. The French police were, interesting, to deal with, but World Nomads were excellent. I filed my reports, all from the road, and later I had my claim – minus my excess – deposited into my bank account.



So my phone was reclaimed by the Greek God Poseidon, Read My Silliness Here, and I decided to file – might as well. All I needed as to go to Apple, have them look at it and go, “yep that certainly has  been full of sea water”.

They popped that in a printed letter.

I then uploaded that letter and my account of what happened to World Nomads via their very quick system.

Now, I had purchased a new phone, same model. So I uploaded that receipt along with the digital receipt Apple sent me when I first bought the (now dripping) original.

I did not have a named item cover, so it was classed as a personal item and I was reimbursed the whole allowance.

This all took less than 10 days, and most of that 10 days was me being too lazy to catch the bus into town to see Apple.

So, this is my conclusion on World Nomads – excellent policies, excellent pricing, and great service. I recommend them often and they will always be my first port of call.

(yes I AM making a ferry/port of call pun because it’s MY blog and I can pun if I want to ❤ )


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This is a review of my experiences with World Nomads, everything here is my experience and my honest opinion – I have received no recompense for this review (although I would love to work with World Nomads ❤ )


Since publishing my latest update – I have been accepted as a World Nomads Affiliate!! That means that if you choose to get a quote through these links I will earn a small commission – at NO extra cost to you. This is still my honest opinion and as you can see -I’ve loved World Nomads for A LOT longer than I’ve been affiliated! Updated 06/03/2018


World Nomads Insurance Review

World Nomads Insurance Review