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International Women’s Day is here again, last year I wrote a small bit on Solo Female Travel for the occasion. Solo Female Travel is something very close to my heart, and it is his year I want to tell just three of the reasons why women who travel are awesome.

Because … screw expectations.

“You can’t go [insert basically any place here] – you’re a woman alone!”

I can, and I do.


“You can’t travel alone, you’ll get homesick”

Yeah, and if I do I’ll go home…what’s ya point?


“You’ll get bored of travelling and want to settle down”

If that’s what I choose to do then … cool I’ll do that too?


“What man will want a woman who gallivants halfway around the world half the year”

This one doesn’t even deserve a refutation. I just laugh at them now.


“Women should stay home, start a family”

Sit down. Shhhhhhhh. And keep on shushing. Continue shushing.


If you want to stay home, and start a family, or one or the other. Then awesome. But a woman SHOULD live her life how she wants. Not how you want her to because that’s the way it SHOULD BE DAMMIT.


We have all heard at least one of these, and you know what – bugger off! We can look after ourselves and so we bloody well will <3

Speaking of …


Because … independence is kick-ass

Who does’t like a person who can take care of themselves?

When I was a teenager my looking after myself was being bigger and shoutier than the person shouting at me.

That has come in handy too, but travelling has taught me to look after my self by eating right, being healthy, getting fit, and being able to solve any problem that comes at me.

I have organised emergency accommodation in the south of France when our Couchsurfing host ended up being a bit … well … inhospitably filthy? With a random man (not the host) also sleeping on the couch-bed  that we were supposed to be sleeping on? Yeah, it turned out to be that.

I have gotten jobs in a country where I don’t speak the language.

I have negotiated transport back to the beach I lived on from a town two hours walk away, after the last bus had left with out me.

I have transported my life ten thousand miles away from my home to pursue an academic dream.

Yeah, I can look after my self.


Because … yeah, actually, I can do that.

Wanna go off on your own and hike places, jump off plane


s with parachutes, and drink beer in bars?


Wanna travel with some friends and party like it’s … well like its 2018 and you can do as you fricken well like with your life.


Wanna go to cool places with the person you love?

You can do that too, and here’s a list of incredible female travel bloggers who are travelling the world while loving other women.


Wanna do all this incredible stuff AND be a mum?


Abso-frickin-lutely you can.


Women who Travel ARE AWESOME!!!

There are women who travel from all walks of life,  they taking themselves to faraway (or close) places and doing and seeing things that people have always told them they couldn’t.

We are coming so far, and we have a ways to go, especially intersectionally.

I cannot begin to understand the experience that women of colour, women who are differently abled, or women who simply haven’t had the privileges that I’ve enjoyed.

There is a compilation by Will Drink For Travel that lists 11 amazing black travel bloggers, and it’s because of this article that I’ve discovered some of my favourite blogs.

The work isn’t done but by god we are fighting for it.

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Keep travelling ladies, because women who travel are awesome. <3

Women Who Travel

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