Travel Packing Essentials

Travelling light is getting harder and harder with restrictions for carry on changing all the time.

I have been travelling since 2012 and over that time I have developed a formulaic method of travelling, but these three travel packing essentials in particular have made their way into my heart.


The Mighty Birkenstock

Birkenstock Arizona, Unisex-adult Unisex Adults Casual, Brown (Mocca), 7 UK (40 EU)

I took a while to get on to this one. I was fully in the “those are for hippies” camp. Then I decided that the hippies had a point and maybe I’m a quasi-goth-biker-hippy melange because these things are frickin comfortable. I had, maybe four days, when I first wore them where they rubbed and hurt a little. I took them to Greece with me and wore them for the whole trip, so that they would DEFINITELY be ready for Jordan and Egypt… so that one is on me. They were comfy all day, I walked (literally) miles and miles in them.

My Trusty Sidebag

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag, Black

This bag has been my safe haven since 2012. I haven’t been on a trip without it since my first big solo trip. It holds my laptop, my my passport, my wallet my scarf, my book, my waterbottle – shall I go on?? Plus, I’ve managed to cart around a 6 pack in it with no worries. In fact, I have micro packed this bag and travelled with nothing but!

The Hella Versatile Sarong


Now this isn’t my *exact* sarong, because I bought mine from a random vendor in Greece. BUT. That doesn’t stop a sarong being in my bag for every damn trip I take. Beach cover up? Yep. Shoulder wrap for evening? Yep. Need to cover your hair to go in to a religious sanctuary? Yep. Slightly unpleasant looking seat cover on your overnight bus? That too. Plus they dry incredibly quickly which is always a plus when you’re travelling.


BONUS: Audio books.

Audiobooks for every taste

Oh my god, I love my audiobooks. They only take up virtual space, they’re hours long, and with an Audible membership you get one credit to spend every month. I have listened to hundreds of hours – my favourite is a series by Elizabeth Peters (post forthcoming).
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So these are the things you will always find with me on my travels. Have I missed your favourite thing? Do you have anything that is an absolute must? Let me know in the comments!

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