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Here at CarryOnOrBust I am always trying to get good ideas, good places, and good stuff out there for everyone to enjoy.

This page here is going to be my hub for products and services we are affiliated with because we love them! Learn more about affiliate links here.


It is my first stop for my shopping, because I don’t like leaving my house unless it is to travel somewhere! In particular I use it to buy book, a lot.

[amazon_link asins=’B00CB5HI6G,B00VYPBQGC,1410457192,B00OL40HP4,095520903X|1903071348,0316070637,B00RVC0S1G,1402293852′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’sarwritingand-21|sarwritingand-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=”]

World Nomads Travel Insurance

I love this company, read my full review here.

But, essentially, they have been really great for me and if you want a quote you can do it here!


Site Ground Web Hosting

As a newly self hosted website, I can say that SiteGround have been GREAT with helping me with my silly newbie questions. You can read my Start A Blog Why and How for a fuller treatment of this service!

Web Hosting


Amazon Prime

Ok, I’ll be honest here – I first signed up to Prime so I could watch The Grand Tour . I am not ashamed. Now however, I love it. I watch so many shows  through the platform that I can’t count them, I utilise the Prime shipping and it’s the only reason anyone got Christmas presents this year. There will definitely be a review soon.

Check Out Amazon Prime



And of course I can’t leave off my student buds because I am one. Students have it tough so check the free trial and get all your stuff delivered free, binge tv or ramp music while you study, and get 10% off textbooks.
Check Out Amazon Prime Student



Be still my beating heart. I love audible, for years I have had an Audible membership because it has the best books, read by the best narrators – and it was affordable. For your monthly fee you get a credit, to spend on one of their 200k ( ) available titles.

In fact, I am so obsessed with Audible that in the near future I will write a full write up with all of my waxing lyrical in one neat post 😛