So one of my favourite parts of travel is the connections you form, and the incredible stories you collect that would be ridiculous if they weren’t true.

This one is definitely true, and even we couldn’t believe it when it happened.


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2014, Athens, City Circus Hostel, Dorm Room.

I’m finishing up my trip and on the last few days, chilling out in the dorm room when I start chatting casually to one of my dorm mates. She has had one hell of a day.
Her passport has been stolen. She has been running back and forth from the American embassy and the police station. Her name is Heather.
‘What a bugger’, I say, and we agree that we should go for a drink.

Turns out this dorm mate I lucked into is funny, a great conversationalist, and the life of the party. A day or so later, over a tsipuro tasting, she leans over and says, ‘don’t you think the hostel guy is gorgeous??’
I agreed, and we giggled like the teenagers we weren’t, conspired, joked, and continued to have a great time.

When it came time for me to head home I said to Heather that we should stay in touch, and I hoped that she would get her hot hostel man.
“Hot hostel owner ” she corrected with a wink.

As travel life goes, we did not keep in touch.

2017, Athens, City Circus Hostel, Rooftop terrace

I am on the first leg of showing my partner my favourite place in the world – Greece. We are sitting on the rooftop with a bottle and staring up at the acropolis, lit up in all her glory.
We hear chatter coming from the direction of the uniquely Greek (tiny) elevator. A bubble of laughter burst out and made its way towards us. The source of this bubble was a group of friends who took a seat across from us. There’s a woman who I cannot stop looking at, I swear I know her.
You know where this story is going. I wish I could lie and say I jumped up with shouts of “Heather it has been so long!” but in reality, I had completely forgotten her name and was terribly embarrassed when she remembered mine.
Yes, it was the same Heather. She had indeed “got” her hot hostel owner.
She’d even married him, and was expecting their first child.

Now, that’s a small world <3

I loved this hostel long before I knew the owners wife, but now I feel like I have history with the place. So, all I can say is – check out their website and book it! I stay here whenever I am in Athens, and you should too.

Story Time Pin images of athens greece with overlayed text its a small world in the circus

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