Story Time – My World Nomads Claim Number 3

Not my first World Nomads Insurance Claim, I am of the opinion that I need Travel Insurance for any overseas trip.

Picture this – a gorgeous vista, the Aegean calmly lapping against the rocks, a little island on the horizon,  an ancient ruin perched on an overlooking cliff face. Perfect – an outcropping of rock, wouldn’t it be just picturesque to dip your toes in and sit for a while??

If you’re ever in this scenario – this is where you *put your phone into your pocket*, do not try and hold it/wedge it/squeeze it while you sit down and take off your shoes.

That slow motion feeling when you see something happening and you just can’t react? Yes that, as my phone slipped down between two rocks and I saw bubbles come out of the charging socket…

Luckily the boyfriend had finished taking his photographs of the area because I was staying very deliberately calm and not at all panicking. See the Instagram picture below for the *exact* rocks that volunteered my phone to sacrifice itself to Poseidon.

If you have no phone for photos, did your trip really happen?

A hurried drive to the next town over in search of some extremely expensive rice was not enough – the mighty SE was gone.

Yes my trip still happened ;-P all other selfies were taken on my boyfriends phone, and many more artful photographs were taken on his proper camera and all was well!

The Insurance Bit

Luckily I had my World Nomads Insurance policy and was able to very easily file a claim when I got home. I got most of the cost of a new phone covered by the personal belongings allowance. It was simply transferred into my account that I had specified on the forms.

All I had to do was visit an Apple store and have the technician look at the phone and say “this is not reparable” and print me off a letter.  They were very happy to do this, it took me about 20 minutes including the wait in line for the printer! I then uploaded everything to the World Nomads claims site and waited.

Insurance Tip:

Pay the little bit extra for a “named valuable item” because my phone was old, but yours might not be. If the value of the phone exceeds the maximum allowance for personal items/electronics etc then too bad that’s the maximum. Get it insured for the actual cost!

For my other claims you can read my full World Nomads Insurance Review. This is why you need Travel Insurance in my opinion – because I would not have been able to afford a new phone for MONTHS without them. It was definitely worth the 48 (I think!) quid to insure.

world nomads insurance claim - when your phone dies at cape sounion in greece  at sunset

Looking out over the water that had just killed my iPhone – it’s still beautiful!

So always look on the bright side – I had insurance, we still got the sunset, and the world didn’t end! While I was away the world did not stop turning and I was featured on Young and Undecided in their *awesome* Women Who Wander Series!

Travel Happy – and Travel Waterproof!!