Sky Scanner Review

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I am sure you have been there too. Sitting on a bus or a train; the person next to you is encroaching on your space and there’s only so close to the window you can get before you’re obviously, physically, recoiling from their presence.

So you retreat into your imagination.

Maybe you’ve been watching a movie set in in incredible location and it has set your wanderlust on fire.

Maybe you pass an advertisement for a four-wheel drive making its way up a mountain range towards the sky.

You start to think, ‘I like mountains, I can hike. I do stuff’. You think “I am going to cure my wanderlust right now!” You pull out your phone and see that your usual airline is advertising flights to Bavaria!

Perfect – mountains, medieval buildings, history! … for three times your monthly take home.


This is where I say to my self, ‘Oh hella no that’s not my jams’ and open Skyscanner. Where I find a flight next month for £25. Return. Direct.

Here’s the search
Skyscanner Eg



For the record, these are some photographs of Nuremberg.


Who would want to go there, right? ;-P

Skyscanner lets me find a place to go that I can afford, it does all the hard work for me.

Skyscanner tells you where these deals come from – there are no mystery unnamed third party sites or dodgy hidden terms.

Skyscanner is filterable – by price, duration, departure times (and more)

You can look for the whole month – which is how I decided to stay in Sweden for 10 days instead of 8, and flew back for £4.10

I love Skyscanner for all these reasons, but the next one is the kicker.

The “Everywhere” button. I don’t know where I want to go, I just know I want to go somewhere. Skyscanner will list for you all of the destinations you can go to from your home airport, sorted by price.

Even if I don’t book the flight I find. I know in my heart that I *can*. Skyscanner will be there for when I’m low, and when that sweaty … sweaty … sweaty stranger is all up in my public transport personal space.

And that, dear reader, is why I love Skyscanner – because I deeply, truly, despite my personal space being invaded on trains  ;-P

So, check them out here

Have a look at flights right here

Or download the app here


Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post, I am not affiliated with Skyscanner Affiliate or Elite (But I hope to be in the future, so here’s hoping!) UPDATE! As of May 2018 Carry On Or Bust is PROUDLY a Sky Scanner Ambassador!