Silo Art Victoria and South Australia

Australia has a lot of things that characterise it; kangaroos, wine regions out the wazoo, and big stuff. Normally this big stuff comes in the form of giant koalas or bananas or rocking horses. In this particular case however, Australia has presented us with 90ft works of art.
Snaking across 200km of Victorian roads are grain silos emblazoned with incredible portraits. Additionally there are amazing examples of this artistic endeavour in South Australia as well.

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You can do the 200km Silo Art Trail in in just about two hours – but I would recommend taking a more leisurely pace. Each town has its own attractions and accommodation – I would suggest organising your trip in advance as many places will not be able to accommodate you if you show up late at night.

Lancells, Rone

Wheat farmers Geoff and Merrilyn Horman are shown in Lancells looking out over the landscape. Working for two weeks in his ghostly monochrome style Rone successfully (in my opinion) portrays the couple as wise and nurturing.
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Brim, Guido Van Helten

This was the first silo artwork to appear in Victoria, it is also one of the most well-known as it spurred the Silo Art Trail into existence. It depicts four anonymous farmers – male and female.
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Patchewollock, Fintan Magee

Magee took a room at a local pub to prepare himself for the artwork. Meeting a local farmer by the name of Hulland he found his subject. Typifying the Aussie farmer in his clothes and manner, his likeness now looks down from 35 meters tall.
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Sheep Hills, Adnate

This installation by Melbourne based artist Adnate celebrates the local aboriginal Australians and their culture in the area. Those shown are Wergaia Elder, Uncle Ron Marks, and Wotjobaluk Elder, Aunty Regina Hood, alongside two young children, Savannah Marks and Curtly McDonald. They are on a starry night backdrop to symbolise the dreaming and acknowledges the importance of knowledge and custom passed from the elders.
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Rupanyup, Julia Volchkova

This Russian artist has recreated the love of team sport amongst the local kids. The kids featred are Ebony Baker in her netball uniform and Jordan Weidemann in his AFL attire
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Rosebery, Kaff-eine

This is probably my favourite of the art trail. Kaff-eine states that her artwork depicts themes that embody past, present and future for the people of Rosebery – the female figure on the left shows grit, tenacity and character of the region’s young female farmers. On the right, a silent conversation between a horseman and his steed.
Kaff-eine was a lawyer and public servant, she quit her government policy career to dedicate herself to her art in 2012 – something I can definitely understand!
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South Australia

The South Australian silos aren’t organised into a tangible trail as they are in Victoria but they are just as beautiful.

Coonalpyn, Guido van Helten

Showing children to represent the future, this 30meter monochrome testament does its artist credit.
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Tumby Bay, Martin Ron and Matt Gorrick

This is another of my favourites – I love the way it reaches across the quartet and captures the sheer joy of being in the water. This is a twofer, Martin Ron who is an Argentinian street artist along with South Australian painter Matt Gorrick are to thank for this incredible and colourful tribute to beach fun!
Follow Ron at his Instagram, I can’t seem to find Matt Gorricks online presence – if anyone know a link let me know!!

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•| 🇦🇺Tumby Bay – South -Australia. Este mural es el más grande que hice (3000 mts2) y fue una experiencia increíble! 🙌. Tumby Bay es una pequeña localidad del sur de Australia de solo 1000 habitantes. Aquí la gente disfruta de las cosas simples: el trabajo rural, la pesca y la playa. Lo más importante q tiene el pueblo es un antiguo muelle que lo vio nacer. casi que la única actividad q comparten sus habitantes por generaciones es saltar del muelle. me interesó representar esta escena tan común y simple, en un mural gigante ya q este salto al agua es el gran conector de todos sus habitantes. este es un proyecto de @juddyroller para @colourtumbystreetart Special thanks for colaborating with this event to @dionlebrun @robertlangphotography @mjgorrick and All Tumby Bay people #ronmuralist #martinron #tumbybaystreetart PH: Robert Land

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Kimba, Cam Scale

This one took a little longer than many of the others – nearly a year. It shows a blonde child in a field of wheat at sunset or sunrise as indicated by the gorgeous purple, pink, and golden sky.

Check out Cam’s instagram or website.

Snowtown, Vans the Omega

I saved this one for last because it has a special significance for me. I, as many of my regulars will know, am Australian but live in London and travel around the world.
In January 2015 I was in Paris with one of my best friends. She woke me up way earlier than normal in our short term apartment in one of the dodgier areas.
“you might want to check on this fire, I think it might be near your house”

I didn’t react hugely, because there are a lot of fires and the CFS send out alerts for everything from huge bushfires to rubbish bins that have been set alight.
But the look on her face said it wasn’t a small matter. When I accessed the CFS service the fire was only a few kilometres away from my house. My house where my parents live, where my dogs were, where everything I owned outside of my 35 litre backpack was.

I am tearing up as I write this because that dread, that feeling of helpless fear is creeping back in and it’s 2018. I can feel every one of those 10,000 miles right now.

This fire burned though more than 20,000 hectares – that’s 6,000 hectares larger than Miami, 60 times bigger than central park, and twice the size of Paris.
27 houses burned down.
140 out buildings burned down.
134 non-fatal injuries were sustained.
Innumerable wild animals and over 900 creatures on farms and in sheds burned to death.
It is incredible that no one was killed.

You know who was there throughout, helping people evacuate, getting people to safety, checking on families who stayed to defend their homes and bringing them survival kits – food, water, batteries? Who was responsible for containing, putting out, and continued to put out spot fires for WEEKS after the main emergency was dealt with?
The Country Fire Service.
They are VOLUNTEERS. They volunteer to run towards the most destructive force, the most terrifying, and the most unpredictable disasters.


Snow town has honoured their volunteers with 120 litres of paint and about 300 spray cans, working with 40+ degree Celsius days (104 Fahrenheit), 50km per hour winds, 100km an hour dust storms.
Pictured on the disused water tower is John Hansen, a CFS Volunteer of more than 25 years.
If anything else, go and visit this amazing tribute out of respect for the Fireys who protect Aussies and their homes without even asking for thanks.
You can donate to the CFS , or find a local station and contact them directly, see more of Vans the Omega on instagram.

Other Details

You can check out the official site for the Victorian Silo Art Trail here
It really is an amazing thing to do, my parents travelled along the Victorian Silo Art Trail recently and sent me the photos they took! Then earlier this year was lucky to visit the Snowtown silo on my recent trip to Australia.
Has your home country got silo art? If so, let me know!!

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