So you may have noticed my posts have been silent for a little while – that’s because my life became majorly stressful with work. I was employed as a project manager three days a week, and for the last few months even stepping through the door blew my anxiety through the roof.
So, I quit.
Not to travel, just to be happy. And that is ABSOLUTELY FINE.

With 16 million hits for the phrase “i quit my job to travel the world” on google last night, it’s a super common theme in the recent trend towards digital workspaces.
This is awesome. I’m not gonna say that I’d stay put if I had the opportunity/means/online business – no way, I’d be on the next plane to the nearest place I haven’t been yet. But it just isn’t viable (right now).

Maybe you’re miserable in your job. Maybe you hate your boss. Maybe the only relief you get in a day is scrolling through the people on your feeds that travel year round. Maybe quitting to travel is the goal? But maybe, you just need to quit.

I don’t mean throw your access fob at the feet of your snarky manager and make a triumphant speech about the human need for freedom (though if you do, video it and link me). I mean, find a job that doesn’t make you miserable, find one where you at least enjoy parts of it – before you quit.

If you are saving up for the human freedom speech and unlimited travel end game (go you) then at least find a grunt job that doesn’t destroy your soul, or maybe one that destroys it a little less and is a change of scenery.*

The moral of this story is, you gotta take care of you.**

I had a decent job, but being there was terrible for my mental health. I got a second job, and handed in my notice. I’m off on a nifty two weeks of amazing trip that I have been looking forward to for MONTHS, and when I get back, I’m gonna get back on that hustle and work towards the dream.
Travel safe, travel far, and travel happy ❤❤❤

*a grunt job is a job that when someone asks you if you like it you grunt “…eh…suppose. Pays the bills”
** I know not everyone is in a position to find other work and quit their jobs, job markets are unpredictable and changeable from suburb to suburb let alone world wide. But the moral is the same, if you’re miserable – do the thing that helps, because you being happy and healthy is so SO worth it.
Sometimes a change in scenery or job is exactly what you need – sometimes it isn’t. Seek out people who can help ❤

I didnt quit my job to travel i quit to be happy

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