Dinner With Three in Shoreditch

I was lucky enough in June to be invited along by Three to a Video Walk in Shoreditch to check out the Huawei P20 and DJI gimble. Despite having lived in London for nearly a year already – I had never made it out to Shoreditch. Shoreditch is an amazing area and as I was about to find out, absolutely packed with street art and mouth-watering food from around the world.

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Meeting at Street Feast’s Dinerama was immediately encouraging as even from the entrance I could see at least four stalls whose menus I would happily consume item by item. Sitting down with my Frosè (first time I had seen it outside of Instagram!) we were talked though how to use our DJI gimble and the Huawei P20.
Full disclaimer. Apart from the two brick Nokias I owned as a youngen, I am a through and through iPhone person. Part of why I took Three up on this offer was to test out a Huawei P20 for myself as I had heard so much about them from other bloggers and the photography lovers in my life.

Huawei P20 Stats

  • Camera
    • Rear
      • 3rd Gen Leica Dual Camera. Big Pixel 12 megapixel RGB f1.8 and a 20 megapixel black and white f1.6,
      • 2x Hybrid Zoom,
      •  AIS
      • dual-tone LED.
    • Front
      • 24 megapixels, f2.0
  • 5.8-inch FHD+ LCD screen
  •  Resolution: 2244×1080
  •  3400mAh battery, USB-C
  •  Charging time: 1.5 hours
  •  Standby: 405 hours
  •  Talk time: 19 hours
  •  1.55um pixel size
  •  4GB RAM, 64/128GB storage
  •  Fingerprint (front-mounted)
  •  Accelerometer
  • Gyro
  • Proximity
  • Compass

Get the Huawei P20 with Three Here 

Huawei P20 Review

I loved how the phone felt in my hand, it wasn’t too big – but is bigger than my iPhone SE which I thought was as big as I’d ever want to go. The system was smooooth and didn’t have the lag I (for some unknown reason) was expecting. It took a bit of getting used to after ten or so years of Apple iOS being second nature to me but it wasn’t difficult to switch my brain.

The double camera on the back was a major draw for me. As someone who travels a lot and writes about it, in addition to not really doing the DSLR thing (that’s what I have a photographer boyfriend for ;-P) it is super important to have a handy phone camera that provides excellent photo and video.
I dabble much more in photographs than video, save for the occasional Boomerang for the Insta story, so this was a big learning day for me anyway.

Lucky for us we had an amazing guide in the form of Greg from Travizeo  to help us create something awesome. After a technical walk through of the equipment we talked about the more artistic aspects of videography from framing and how to make a series of images into a story, to simple tips that newbies don’t often know.
While I had a few technical issues with my DJI gimble I am wont to blame user error as I constantly tipped it the wrong way. I think this would take a bit more getting used to than the OS switch did. But after a few failures of wrist I managed to get the thing cooperating and filming! I am so impressed with the easily accessible Huawei P20, the features of the phone, and frankly the amazing quality of the product.

Would I replace my iPhone with the Huawei P20?

That is hard to say, I am a creature of habit and I like the things I have established on my current phone. I have my system, I like my system. However the Huawei P20 provides a level of quality I don’t currently get from the SE – the ability to shoot in 4k video for one thing. To upgrade within Apple to a similar camera capability I’d have to invest in the newest range of iPhones which is at a price point I’m not willing to pay.
My SE is doing just fine right now, but when it comes time to replace it the Huawei P20 is absolutely the biggest contender for the role and if I was given the ability to have a second phone purely for my blogging it be the Huawei P20.

Is The Huawei P20 a Good Phone For Travellers?

If photography and video is your thing, then yes absolutely. The battery life is super attractive even though it isn’t the biggest capacity on the market, though you should remember that it is a USB-C charger rather than a micro usb so getting a replacement chord on the road wouldn’t be *as* easy as other phones (but with USB-C becoming more and more common, and the other benefits of this type of connector – I think it is probably worth it).  The AI Enhanced camera does a lot of the work for you, so if you aren’t a dyed in the wool photographer you can still take amazing quality images with the Huawei P20. Keep in mind that only the Huawei P20 Pro is waterproof in anyway, so a waterproof aftermarket case is the best way to go for other models.

The Video Walk in Shoreditch

I ended up using DaVinci Resolve on their free plan to edit my videos to what you see below. I hope you enjoy the Trip Around the World – Without Leaving Shoreditch!



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