Gifts for Travel Lovers

Whether your beloved travel bug is heading off around the globe again soon or playing at being a homebody for a while, there is a gift on this list just for them. Trying to find a perfect present for travellers can be hard – they can’t take a lot of things with them! so small and useful gifts are best for long term travellers, and those who do spend time at home can never have enough travel themed decor!

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Cute Custom Travel Fund Jar

This travel jar is absolutely perfect for anyone counting their pennies to hop a flight. The map comes in a range of colours – gold, black, white, blue, and silver – and you can choose between black or white lettering.
I love this idea, not just because it’s cute af but because it really does help people who want to save, having that shiny object reminding you that your next adventure is just a handful of change away stops you buying that chocolate bar. Plus, seeing it fill up is so satisfying!
You can also request a custom jar – maybe for storing all those left over coins and notes left over from adventures that always seem to get lost?
Get it from The Wander and Wild on Etsy for just £11.99


Personalised Notebook


I might be a bit old fashioned but I LOVE notebooks, even if I’m not keeping a travel journal at the time I just like to have a place to jot down notes and tuck away little pieces of my adventure. Who knows – I may never get another ticket to Petra in my life, so this one is special.
Personalise it for the traveller you love, it’s laser engraved so it won’t rub off with use. You can choose between four colours and three sizes – to fit anyone’s packing limit!
From just £7.49

Long Distance Besties Bracelet

This is one for the besties, the mates, and the long distance missing you’s. “No matter Where we go No matter What we do. You will always have me and I will always have you!!” emblazoned on this card with two bracelets – one for you and one for that person in your life that you don’t get to see as much as you would like.
Travellers, especially long term travellers, make friends all over the world and thanks to technology we can stay in touch so easily. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a little offline reminder of the people who love you.
Grab this from PixieDustBeads on Etsy for £5.95

Leather Passport Holder

ON SALE 50% off at time of publication!!
Have a hard core traveller in your life? Does their passport get used and abused often? Offer them a little protection from the wear and tear of constant use with this gorgeous fire branded (yea that means what you think it does!!) leather cover. I personally like the “let’s travel” or the “explore” with the mountain design in the Canyon colour… for anyone who is looking ;-P
Handmade from premium leather, choice of colours, and the option to customise with name or initials!

Grab it from Portland Leather for £22.62 on sale!

Push Pin Travel World Map

Whether it is for the travel nutter to keep track of their travels, or for family of travel nutters who are at home – this map is a gorgeous way to connect those home vibes with adventure in the big wide world.
Get it from Happy Place Art (love this shop name omg) from £20

If the US is your travel base then this awesome map from FireFlies UK can help you document each of the states you’ve ticked off your list! Fully customisation in any colour with any words you like!
Get this US version from just £42

Travel Mad Key-ring

When you’re on the road it is the nicest feeling to be able to absolutely definitely locate your keys quickly and without a bad shredding panic. When you’re home, its nice to have little aspects to remind you of the amazing times you had while away – this key-ring will satisfy both!

Grab this awesome helper from ThreePeaksCompany from just £4

An Adventurous Christmas Bauble

Christmas decorations should bring happiness and joy – and for travellers that happiness and joy often comes in the form of a flight, a train, or just the promise of a new adventure. Cute baubles with travel related words on them – whats not to love!
Grab one (or many!) from Whole World Of Love (another amazing name) for £8!

City Skyline Prints

Simple and gorgeous these line drawings of famous skylines will brighten and wanderlust up any wall. Whether it’s about remembering travel or planning for it – do it with style! They offer many cities from around the globe – I just chose Paris because it’s a favourite skyline of mine!
LondonWithLovePrints offers gift wrapping and A3 or A4 sizing, for just £8 this is an amazing deal!

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