City Circus Athens – Is This The Best Hostel in Athens?


What makes a good hostel? I have a whole guide on what makes a good hostel and I list Safety, Location, Comfort, Cost, and Atmosphere as my top 5 considerations.

But if you are in Athens I can save you some time – stay at the City Circus. I do have a bit of a personal connection to the hostel, it was where I stayed in Athens after I accidentally lived in Greece for four months – and I have the cutest of all meet stories for you to read. But I loved the City Circus hostel long before I knew the owners wife! So what makes City Circus Athens the best hostel in Athens? Reviewed insanely well on Booking . Com, check them out but let me tell you!

This is not a sponsored review, all my reviews are honest and to the point. This article may contain affiliate links – read more about this here.

1. Safety

Everything is swipe card access, and you can’t get into the rooms or elevator without passing reception. The lockers in the rooms themselves are sturdy – not flimsy and easily bendable metal ones like some places provide. Either standing or underneath the bottom bunk. You do need your own lock but honestly I prefer this because I’m paranoid!


2. Location

So, this hostel is located about 5 minute walk from the nearest metro station. This is a metro station connected to the airport, so you only have to catch one train from landing to checking in!

City Circus is in my favourite “off centre” type of location, about a 15 minute walk to the acropolis entrance and an amazing walk at that! You make your way through street markets and end up at the main entrance and just 5 minutes more and you can be at the Temple of Zeus, Hadrians Arch, and several museums. Or you can make your way in past Hadrian’s Library, through the shopping neighbourhood to approach the main tourist area from a different direction. Do your souvenir shopping and maybe grab some lunch.

So far this has all been about how to get AWAY from the area City Circus is in, but honestly it’s located in one of the best neighbourhoods in Athens. Psyrri is the hip, the cool, the chill out and the food centre of Athens. You have amazing restaurants, street art, hang out bars – all within 5 minutes of your hostel!

 3. Comfort

OH my god, I promise this is not hyperbole – they have the comfiest mattresses  I have ever experienced in a hostel and easily ranks with the 4 star experience I had with Steam Hotel in Sweden. The whole hostel is comfortable, the sofas down stairs, the tables at breakfast.

Oh, and speaking of breakfast. This is my favourite hostel breakfast ever, you have a huge range to choose from and you get to enjoy it in the awesome Zampano restaurant down stairs. Honestly if I wasn’t dedicated to getting out and about and trying as many restaurants as possible I would eat every meal here.


4. Cost

This varies as the rooms on offer range from 8, 6, and 4 bed dorms (6 and 4 offer female only options) as well as private rooms. The private rooms range from a budget double – a private double room for the cost of two dorm beds – to a two floor quadruple ensuite room. So yeah, there are options.Obviously it will be a little pricier in summer than in off season, but this is the same for any hotel in a touristic city!

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5. Atmosphere

The rooftop terrace is an incredible place to hang out. As well as the gorgeous view of the acropolis you can get above the sound of the city and relax, this closes at 11:30pm. The restaurant is open all day Tuesday to Sunday, the reception is 24 hours. The atmosphere is decidedly fun, without being an intense party feel. They will help you find bars and nightclubs, and alcohol is served in the restaurant, but it doesn’t feel obligatory.

Everything Else That Makes It The Best Hostel In Athens

The building is beautiful, with style and substance. It’s the attention to detail, the fact that things have been done *nicely* rather than just whatever was cheapest. The fact that cleaning is done every day, and you get fresh sheets! I have to mention the beds again, because I don’t understand how they’re so comfortable and I can’t emphasise enough how unique the comfort level is! The staff are ultimately helpful and kind, I was recognised from a stay the previous year by the receptionist!

Overall it’s the atmosphere that gets me coming back every time, absolutely nothing beats arriving and heading up to the roof terrace of the best hostel in Athens to enjoy the view of the acropolis.

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24 hour reception| Free Wi-Fi | Air-conditioning | Luggage storage service | Wash & dry service | Scanning & Printing services | Free boarding-pass printing | Laptops | DVD/TV/projector | Movie library | Board games | Tour guides | Book sharing | Photo booth | Common kitchen | City maps | Café – Bar – Restaurant | Roof garden with Acropolis view | Bed linens | Towels for rent

So the next time you are planning a trip to Athens – jump on to the City Circus Hostel website and check their availability before you do anything else!