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I use Booking.Com to make my accommodation arrangements.

I always have, ever since I started travelling in 2012.

The times I have needed extra customer service, they have been lovely. I have had so many bookings I can’t really remember them all.

However my trusty account tells me that I have made a total of 37 bookings. I have often taken advantage of the free cancellation when my plans have changed or an amazing deal has come about. I use it for my big travels as well as my little travels.

So, this is my Review! 


What is is a booking site, you search on their system, they show you accommodation that is available in your chosen city and the options for each of them.



Range of Accommodation Available – In One Place

I don’t believe in one type of travel, as my posts on bus tours, solo travel, and small group tours will tell you.

Maybe I want to stay in a hostel, the cheapest possible – has them.

Or, this time maybe I was a nice room in a hotel – has those too.

Or, and I haven’t done this yet, I want to splurge, I want 5 shiny stars and an infinity pool – Well they can be found on too.

Travel is all about the experience.

Sometimes the expereince is staying somewhere bare bones and cheap, I don’t care about the luxury and all I want to know id how far it is to the train.

Sometimes I want the experience of ages – to engage in hotel culture and pretend I’m fancy, swanning about the world in the Golden Age of Travel.

[amazon_link asins=’9774167198,1861891210,1467128856,1469636115|9774167198,0300142021′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’sarwritingand-21|sarwritingand-20′ marketplace=’UK|US’ link_id=’84a65df0-2c63-11e8-962e-fd291631f64b’]

Deals on hotels, hostels, and everything in between! has some of the best deals, huge for all price ranges.

I have often selected a place on just because it has an amazing deal – and ended up in a super nice room instead of a dorm – it is all about timing.

So my favourite city, Athens, there are hundreds of hotels – if not more. You want to find the best deals? Check them here.



This is really three smaller points –

The App:

I love the app, not only can I search and find new places to stay while on the road* but you can bring up your confirmations on your screen – fantastic if you don’t want to print them out on paper.

*I had to do this in Montpelier, our plans had all of a sudden become unpleasant and we had to organise somewhere safe to stay as soon as possible. We found some wifi at a cafe and within 15 minutes, we had booked a lovely apartment just outside the centre.


The Confirmations:

You can have these in your language AND the local language. This would have saved me in Greece, had I thought of it, because Byronos Street does not exist – Vyronos Street on the other hand, is where my hotel was.

If I had just printed it out in Greek I would not have had the terrifying 40 minute wander around in the cab – even though it turned out ok in the end.


The Percentage Full:

I love booking things in advance, and being able to see how full a place is will influence how soon I will book my stay.

It is very handy to know that the week of the conference is 87% full and 5 rooms have been booked in this hotel in the last hour!


Upfront Info

The biggest thing I like about booking is that it is up front about what something will cost.

Want to book it with free cancellation up to a certain date?



You want to lock it in and confirm with with a discount?

That’s pay up front and non refundable.


Either way – you KNOW before you click confirm. 

You can also see all your options while your selecting your room.

If there is a room with a view, which room is actually a double vs a twin, or one with air conditions vs one with out – you can see that while selecting.

They employ a handy dandy icon system, you can see in a glance what rooms have what conveniences – it’s up to you which ones you choose.

Review System

The reviews.

This is my problem with online review systems – angry people review more than people who just had a good time and nothing went wrong.

Which is why I like the review system is really easy. That means that people actually do leave reviews even when they haven’t had a disaster.

The other aspect of the review system that I like is the particularity – you get ratings on cleanliness, comfort, facilities, staff, value for money, wifi, location, quietness etc. All important things!




I use because it saves me money, gives me options, and works the way I want it to.

It is simple really, so – where are you going next? Let me know in the comments!



What does do? Why do I use it? Review is here.

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