The Best Travel Gifts for Her (whoever your ‘her’ is!)

Do you have a crazy travel woman in your life? Awesome, lucky you! Travel gifts for female travelers are often anything vaguely connected to travel with a pink ribbon attached, and don’t worry there’s no shortage of pink options here, but I thought that a list of things that are traditionally and non traditionally “girly” is what this particular aspect of the travel internet needs. Finding the best travel gifts for her can sometimes be hard, so I gathered together some practical travel gifts that I would happily give AND receive!

Travel Gifts for Mum (or Travel Gifts For Mom for our US friends!)

Mamma Bear Travel Mug 

Get it on Etsy here
So, not only do I call my mum Mumma Bear but I frickin love bears. Equally as much as I love travel mugs. What’s not to love – it’s cute, it’s functional, and it’s reusable. There’s nothing cooler than saving the planet, one beverage at a time!

Fly Safe Mom

Get the luggage tag for mom here
It’s weird, when I fly off to a far flung corner of the earth and my mum worries I think “omg I’ve done this before I’ll be fine” but when my mum threatens to travel somewhere suddenly I’m the one going “remember to drive safely, don’t get sun burned BE CAREFUL!”
She is way more travelled than I am – she grew up travelling around Africa, then all over Europe, and for the last 30 or so years all around Australia. But I still have to tell her to be careful.

Travel Gifts For Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend taking off without you? Good on you for being supportive! One of the ways you can show your support is by getting her a really simple, practical, or gorgeous gift that will help or enhance her travel adventure.

Super Personalized Trip Journal

Grab it from Etsy

This is way more than just a monogrammed notebook, I love this trip AND person specific customised because every trip is different. I write way more in a trip specific book than in my general ones – I don’t even know why!

World Watch

Get this gorgeous timepiece here
Wherever she’s off to in the world, a watch is always a good idea. I never wore a watch. Until one very silly, 2018 day. My phone died. My external charger was safely nestled at home on my desk. I was in London and I had no idea what the time was.
How ridiculous.
I had to *gasp* ask a stranger the time. I know, I should be able to do this easily but hey hello social anxiety!
Defeat that issue really easily – get a watch.

Travel Gifts for Single Women

Travelling while single created some of the most amazing travel experiences – whether travelling solo or with friends. A lot of people will throw themselves into travel when something in their personal life goes wrong – a break up, feelings unrequited, whatever. I firmly believe that travel is the answer pretty much regardless of the question so I say go for it. A lot of people travel regardless of these things going well or badly – travel is just their natural state. So these ones are for the single ladies!

Catch Fights not Feelings

Grab this gorgeous tee form Etsy
I love this saying. As someone who has been in relationships with people who didn’t want me to travel 30 minutes to see my friends let alone 10,000 miles away for three months – I feel this in my soul.

Unexpected Sleepover Kit

Be safe and grab this kit here
So, a lot of people agree, the best part of travel is meeting new people. And sometimes those new people you meet are sexy people. So, whether you’re grabbing this awesome kit for yourself or a friend – have fun and be safe!

Gifts for Female Travelers at home

Jane Speaks to our hearts

Channel Jane with this awesome print, buy it here. “If adventures do not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad” yaaaaasssssssss Jane! Jane Austen is … well she’s a damn goddess and this quote from Northanger Abby speaks to those travelling women who are stuck at home!

The Keepsake Box

Keep it safe and buy it from Etsy.
The souvenirs that we bring back are important, but to me the little thing are more important. The ticket from my first trip to L’Orangerie, the serviette from the most Parisian café ever, the ferry ticket from my first trip to Greece – these things aren’t ‘display’ things but they mean so much to me. Keepsake boxes might seem old fashioned but personally I think they need a revival – get on it!




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looking for the best travel gifts for her? Well, who’s your her? Your mum, your girlfriend? or a friend? well look no further because this is a list of the best gifts for female travelers
Women who travel are awesome, whether it’s alone or in groups and ALL of them deserve presents !!
Women who travel are awesome, whether it’s alone or in groups and ALL of them deserve presents !!
need a gift for the adventurous lady in your life? female traveler gifts for women who love travel
need a gift for the adventurous lady in your life?