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The Stunned Mullet

Address: 8 East Terrace, Henley Beach, South Australia 5022
Phone Number +61 8 8356 7696

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Why go?

Do you want to experience the best fish and chips in the world? Well you don’t have to drop by any Michelin Starred restaurants or take out a mortgage to afford it. All you have to do is visit the Stunned Mullet in Henley Beach, Adelaide.

I do believe that I am an authority to be reckoned with – I have eaten a LOT of fish and chips in my life. I so mean a lot. I have eaten fish and chips at literally dozens of fish and chip shops in Adelaide and across the world! During university I found a Fish and Chip shop that I liked and ordered from it so much that not only did the people who run it come to know my name – but actually inquired as to my welfare when I hadn’t ordered for a while.

But nothing comes even close to the experience of The Stunned Mullet, Henley Beach. I used to live not just the other side of Adelaide, but out in the Adelaide Hills – at least an hour (more like 90 minutes) drive away. Several times I made that trek, for the sole purpose of getting fish and chips from the Stunned Mullet.

The fish is fresh. And I don’t mean fresh out of the freezer, I mean fresh. Adelaide has an incredibly high standard for seafood – and The Stunned Mullet exemplifies it perfectly.

The chips are perfect – crunchy and tasty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. They don’t have that soaked through with oil thing that a lot of fish and chip places do.

The tartar sauce is heavenly, the prawns impeccable. They also understand that “salted” mans “with some salt” not “with half a kilogram of salt” – I guess when your food has flavour you don’t need to drown it in half the shaker!

The stunned Mullet best fish and chips in south australia

All these things combined with the fact that they have the best damn batter that I have ever had in my life.

And if you don’t want, or can’t have, batter they will crumb or grill any piece of fish you like.

For the best fish and chips, simply head on down to Henley Beach in South Australia. The Stunned Mullet has won award after award for their incredible food – and no one deserves it more.


How much will it cost?

Not much at all to be honest. A piece of flake ($6) and a minimum chips ($4.50 – I can never finish the large no matter how often I try!)

What I love about The Stunned Mullet is that it is run by lovely people. The last time we visited we were informed that the whiting ($9.50 /piece) was smaller than usual – so they will give us some extra pieces to make up the weight.


What else can I get?


Burgers – home made plain or with the lot, vegetarian, potato, chicken breast, turkey, fish fillet, chevapchici.

Calamari, prawns, Atlantic salmon, mullet, blue grenadier, garfish, flathead, barramundi, fish cake, scallops, seafood sticks, grilled prawns.

Chicko rolls, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, burger in batter, dim sims, dippy dogs, pineapple or banana fritter and way more than I can list here.

Yiros – lamb, chicken, chevapchici, fish fillet or vegetarian

Schnitzel or crumbed sausage pack, hotdogs, AND a selection of salad.

So, yeah, I’d say you have a selection to choose from!

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Where is it?

map of henley beach fish and chips

Henley Beach is a great place in general to visit when you are visiting South Australia.

The beach itself is lovely, there’s actually quite decent parking, and it is pretty easy to get to.

If you head down the aptly named Henley Beach Road and turn left into East Terrace, find a park along there and wander back towards the roundabout.

You will find The Stunned Mullet on the eastern side of the road, go in and change your life for the better.

Where it all began 1970 Port MacDonnell SA
Dino, older brother and mum in front of their first Fish and Chip Shop.


Still family run, The Stunned Mullet still has the feel of a really local chippy – but with world class food!




Thanks for reading – if you visit let them know that CarryOnOrBust sent you, and let us know your experience!!


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