Get Out Of London For The Weekend – Weekend Bath Itinerary 2 Days

Getting Out of London – sometimes you need a break from the big city, or maybe you’ve got limited time in the United Kingdom and want to see some more of the country than London. This time, we chose Bath. Bath UK is an amazing historical town with so much to do! So this is a how to, how do you get away from London over the weekend without needing a mortgage of having to take huge amounts of time off work?

We received a complementary day at the Thermae Bath Spa, for this itinerary all the prices have been included to benefit your planning. Our included activities have been marked with a * . All our articles are accurate to our experience. This article may contain affiliate links – read more about this here.

Why We Chose Bath

When you’re looking to get out of London there are a few things to consider – ease of transport, cost, and activity options.
Bath meets all of these requirements – you can drive, take the train, or take a bus. There is a range of accommodation from cheap hostels, to luxury accommodation, to quirky stays like barges! Being a historic town there is no shortage of things to do and see – and eat! So, take a leaf out of our itinerary


Now, busses are not everyone’s favourite form of transport – they certainly aren’t mine. However. They are NOT as bad as a lot of people assume. They’re clean, they’re cheap (our tickets were 14% of the cost of a train ticket) and you’ve got a guaranteed seat, unlike on a train.
Plus, National Express busses like the one we took have air conditioning, plugs, and wifi.


We chose the St. Christopher’s Inn Hostel and Bar. There’s a real benefit to booking direct with St Christopher’s – you get breakfast included!
We found the place to be really reasonable, the beds were pretty comfy, it was clean, the staff were great.
The breakfast was decent – bread for toasting, machine coffee, canned fruit salad, ham and cheese, and a couple of different cereals. This is served downstairs in Belushi’s, a sports bar.

We coincidentally were away over one of the nights England played in the world cup so I can assure anyone wondering if there’s a party to be had – yes there is. We didn’t partake but it certainly got lively. It is really close to everything – the bus station, the centre, shops and restaurants too.

Day 1 – Get Out Of London

We took the bus from Victoria Coach Station – this is just around the corner from the train station – but it does take a few minutes to walk there so don’t push it with your departure time. You can get to Victoria pretty easily from most places – so you only have to take a half day off work if you’re leaving on a Friday for your weekend away from London!

We got to the station with about 45 minutes to departure and chose to have a coffee and sandwich for dinner. Three hours and fifteen minutes later we were in Bath and walked the ten minutes to our hostel.
Despite the world cup we slept alright – free earplugs from reception helped a great deal!

Day 2 – Full Day – Travel 2000 Years in A Day

This first day on our two day get away from London was kind of perfect. We got up early to get to Thermae Bath Spa with time to spare. We were the first in so we got a bit of time in the roof top pool, the wellness suite, and the Minerva Bath to ourselves for a while. Being up on the roof and listening as the city begins to hum is an incredible feeling.
The rooftop pool was amazing, but I loved the Wellness Suite. Popping from the Georgian Steam Room over to Ice Bar for a temperature shock was brilliant.
After trying literally everything I headed in to an aromatherapy massage while The English Boyfriend chilled out in the pools. The massage was lush which put me right in the mood for lunch.
We had the most incredible one and a half course meal (we shared dessert: P ). He had the grilled gammon and I had twice cooked pork belly – don’t worry despite our meat filled meal they do have veggie options as well as fish! We also had the most amazing Baileys Panna Cotta in the world.
You can read my full review of Thermae Bath Spa

Travelling back in time by 1,948 years we found our way to the Roman Baths. Well, what you see at first isn’t that old – the Baths here have been developed and remodelled and changed many times over their lifetime but the first temple was built there by the romans in 60-70 CE. The waters here have been visited by people for centuries, these days we go there to marvel and learn. They have done such a wonderful job with this archaeological site – there’s nerd stuff for people like me, there’s a specifically targeted children’s tour, and there’s lots of things to looks at from artefacts to technologically advanced displays. The entry includes an audio guide and seriously don’t skip this because it is SO interesting.

We got out of the site around 3pm and decided to take a wander. We headed down through the centre and stumbled upon the most amazing gallery.
We were walking past when my eye was caught by a flash of gold and a sweep of cloth. Walking backwards down the footpath like a fool I came face to face with an incredible charcoal drawing on gold leaf.

Gallery and Barrow are running Dreams Afar exhibition which features works inspired by travel and Rebecca Hawkins is inspired by the women of Nepal and India. I haven’t fallen in love with a piece of art so instantly since I first saw Gustave Caillebotte’s Les Raboteurs de Parquet in the Muse d’Orsay.

The way the gold gave life to the movement of the woman drawn is incredible – heartbreakingly I have neither the funds nor the space to display it or it would have been coming home on the bus with me. But that just means some other lucky so-and-so will get to enjoy it, and I got to discover an incredible artist (always look on the bright side!)

It is an indescribable pleasure to return to draw the #women of #Rajasthan. These ethereal #figures of #strength and #resilience completely beguile me. I #draw them from behind because to me, as a western woman, they are a mystery. Not knowing who they are, or what their stories are adds to the intrigue and I try to preserve that mystery for the viewer, so that they too can look at them and put their own story to them. Some people ask why I draw them in black and white, when so much about India is of great colour? That is true, but, if I drew them in colour, it would become about the colour, rather than their elegance, strength and movement which is inherent in them as women, regardless or wealth, social stature, or what life throws at them. I think I will never tire of drawing them till the day I die. #charcoaldrawing #indiatoday #figurativedrawing #inspiringwomen #sari #wondersofindia #statementart #artcollectors #artgallery #artcollector #wondersofrajasthan #deogargh #figurative #contemporary #picoftheday @rebeccahawkinssculpture @stories.of.rajasthan @georgiegrandy

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There were also incredibly detailed pencil drawings that I would just love to have scattered throughout my theoretical future house, beautiful paintings, and simply striking pieces. Even though I couldn’t buy anything – I am so glad we took the right hand street instead of the left one.

You can find Rebecca Hawkins on Instagram or her website.
The gallery is also Instagram and online, in person you can visit at 118A Walcot St
Mon: Closed
Tues: 10.30 – 5.00pm (occasionally closed)
Wed: 10.30 – 5.00pm
Thurs: 10.30 – 5.00pm
Fri: 10.30 – 5.00pm
Sat: 10.30 – 5.00pm
Sun: Closed

After this we walked to the end of the street and doubled back to get some of Baths famous architecture. You can really feel the fancy Georgians of centuries past wandering along the gently curving streets. This was where we stumbled across Topping and Company Booksellers of Bath.
They have an incredible range – I found a phrasebook I’ve been looking to buy for AGES, and my partner found a copy of a book he loved so much that he bought it just for the cover art and gilding. Additionally it is a beautiful setting, there’s just something about bookshelves with ladders – my nerd heart goes all a flutter.
They run incredibly cool events – the night we were there they had 70 people coming to a cooking class with the authors of a cookbook. Unfortunately we were too last minute to join but they really did try and fit us in! Next time I will be checking in advance!

After leaving the bookshop to get out from under their feet while they set up their wonderful evening we decided that we needed dinner. We headed back towards the hostel and conveniently found a Yo Sushi right around the corner.

Day 3 – Half Day – Sightseeing and Home Before Dinner!

After a pretty packed day yesterday we just wanted to wander around today, so we took a stroll down the river.
We discovered a walking maze near Pulteney Bridge, this bridge is really cool and reminds me of the famous one in Florence. With shops on either side you can pop in for a coffee and cake but we chose to walk past and down the bank towards the gardens.Should you choose to you can enter the leisure gardens for a genuinely small price – just a few pounds – or you can do what we did and cheekily peek in from the overlooking walkway.

Turning right from here and crossing the square (Round about? Road? Thing?) you can walk back towards the abbey, if you feel like donating you can pop in or if you’re religious they hold services there. As an architecture fan I was content to walk around the outside and enjoy the atmosphere – buskers, lovely shops, and bustle.
Along one of the sides of the square is the Fudge Kitchen – oh my gosh if you like fudge JUST GO! It is absolutely delicious and the workers in there are hilarious, friendly, and they give you free fudge to try!

We headed down a winding backstreet and found a charming little coffee shop The Columbian Coffee Company – and looking in the window I saw it was cite, the pastry looked good, and they had iced chai latte on the menu. That was all I needed.

We both needed something cold so we settled down. I started to chat to the neighbouring table – it turns out they had spent a year in central and south America, and according to them the coffee from this place in Bath was spot on.

And so it should be, because the mastermind behind this lovely little shop is Jhampoll Gutierrez Gomez, who grew up in the “Coffee Triangle” of Colombia. They have just started to bring in coffee from small farms in the area – those who struggle to compete with larger commercial farms. So when you buy a cup of coffee from here, you’re supporting a start-up business but your also supporting ethically traded and sustainable coffee from small farms in Colombia. I wish I had been able to speak to the owner – all this information comes from their website.

As a side note – but maybe the most important one – everyone who has read my rants before knows I have a problem with the abysmal state of coffee in the UK, My iced latte and my partners iced chai (we swapped because the latte was too strong for him 😛 ) were absolutely delicious, beyond delicious, I mean I almost bought a second round. I look forward to going back to Bath just to go and have a hot cup of coffee from The Colombian Coffee Company.

On the advice of the couple at the neighbouring table we ventured off to find some award winning fish and chips. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a fish and chips freak of nature. This was Seafoods on Kingsmead Street. I had the jumbo cod, my partner had the medium.
We shared a large chips and neither of us could finish the serving – amazing serving size. The fish was nice but I have a very high bar for fish. The service was decent, reasonably efficient and polite but there was a significant wait. Then again I don’t really mind waiting for fresh food – I’d prefer to wait 10 minutes and get freshly cooked everything than something that has been sitting for an hour! The price wasn’t too bad – we both ate and had a drink for about £15

We wandered up to a park to sit and eat before heading back to the bus station to go home!
We got back in to London around 7pm and headed home!

Total Spend

Bus: £13
Accommodation: £67.20

Food Cost

Day 1 = £12.50
Coffee shop Dinner before bus: £12.50

Day 2 = £80.75
Breakfast Included
*Lunch at Spa: £40.75
Coffee: Free at Book Shop
Books: £10
Dinner at Yo Sushi: £30

Day 3 = £37.90
Breakfast Included
Columbian Coffee Co Coffee: £5.90
Fudge Kitchen: £17
Fish and Chips: £15

Activities Cost

Day 2 = £104
*Massage: £65
*Spa Passes: £72
Roman Baths: £32

Per Person £157.67

Other Awesome Things in Bath

There are so many things to see in Bath you really can tailor it to your loves! The Jane Austen Centre is incredible – I visited in the past and it is a wonderful and immersive day in the house she stayed in while visiting Bath! Architecture nerds will have a field day because the Circus, the Paragon, the Royal Crescent!!! The Fashion Museum, not one I ever thought I’d love but honestly it was fantastic. So many beautiful things, and it’s so cool to see how these real bits of history are so lovingly looked after.

We bought fudge, we bought books, we went for sushi for dinner. This trip can be done for a lot less than £160 each – or if you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury it could be done for a lot more!! But if you’re looking for a cheeky weekend get out of London – Bath is absolutely perfect and you can do it on almost any budget you like!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve been to Bath – or if you’ll be there anytime soon!


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